Trailer for Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch Is Everything You Want from a Wes Anderson Movie (Yet Again)

In posting here about the wondrous and delectable trailer for Wes Anderson’s latest offering, The French Dispatch, it seems, to us, rather repetitive to comment on the signature look of a Wes Anderson picture, the routinely glorious and stacked casts within his films, how every frame could be framed and hung in a gallery, how quotable the dialogue is, how cool the soundtrack is, and the sheer dreaminess of his movies. If you have any hint of a notion of Wes Anderson, it’s very likely you already know about all of that.

Also, The French Dispatch very clearly seems to possess all of those Wes Anderson elements.

Instead, we’ll remark on how amazing it is that Wes Anderson has created such a mystique about him as well as delivering on said mystique with every new work that he can (and most likely will) keep making films that are oft described as “so Wes Anderson” or “the most Wes Anderson that Wes Anderson can be” and we all still love it. Any reinvention by Anderson is oh so slight and probably undetectable on a first viewing. It’s the magic trick that we never get tired of and certainly The French Dispatch seems like it will be keeping that streak going and we personally can’t wait for July 24th when it comes out. 

For now, just enjoy watching the trailer for The French Dispatch over and over as you marvel at the small morsels of it that we’re afforded at the moment.