Well, Mash-Up is Going to Be Amazing

Photo @VogtRoberts

The tapings for the upcoming stand-up, animated hybrid show Mash-Up on Comedy Central just finished here in LA and without any hesitation whatsoever, we’ll tell you that it was astounding. Perhaps the title of this post isn’t much a surprise to you because you saw the pilot.

Yet, based off what we got to see at the El Rey Theater (and we had seen almost everyone run their sets before hand and still laughed hard), hardcore comedy fans to people that just want to laugh, but do not know where to look are absolutely in for a treat when it airs on Comedy Central.

Here’s a list of reasons why Mash-Up needs to be on your to watch list even before there’s an air date:

The performances were the most natural that we’ve ever seen be taped. All the comics did their ultra-tightened A-material, but were incredibly loose with it; the way you might see them if you were to see them do it live (i.e. how a stand-up set should feel)

“All the comics” included Tom Segura, Nick Vatterott, Reggie Watts, Chris Hardwick, Pete Holmes, Jon Dore, Hannibal Buress, and more along with TJ Miller hosting. This is the comedy people should be seeing.

The sets were around 10 min., which is significantly longer than most late night TV sets and the segments that make up a half-hour special, giving anyone watching a much better sense of the comedian

-Throughout each episode, TJ gave a shout out to the comics that were on the show that he came up with in Chicago. Such camaraderie in comedy is a beautiful thing to be seen.

We’re already thrilled at just the stand-up sets that we saw and we have only a little idea what the visualized parts of the jokes/bits look like. Creator, Director, and Producer Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been nothing short of amazing since his work as part of the Blerds, arguably, the inception of what is now this show.

Photo by Mike Rosenstein

-Lastly, the stage is amazing. There’s a recreated Mario Bros. 2 select screen as a back-drop and, as TJ Miller commented at the taping, those are the world’s biggest tassels.