Pick of the Day: Weirdo Night (in NYC) 4/21

Dynasty Handbag has been the ringleader of a wonderful, bizarre entity known as Weirdo Night for several years all in and around LA. The fringe variety showcase has been a refreshing oasis if you’re the sort of person that is looking for something truly different than the traditional forms of stand-up, sketch, and improv (not that there are anything wrong with those).

Next month, Dynasty Handbag is bringing Weirdo Night to spread some strange delight to NYC, specifically the Bell House in Brooklyn. From all corners of performance, the likes of Holland Andrews, Ana Fabrega, HAGGS, The Illustrious Pearl, Sarah Squirm, and Viva Ruiz will assemble to make this a beautifully off-kilter night to remember.

This special NYC edition of Weirdo Night is set for Thurs. Apr. 21st at 8PM ET and we bet it’ll sell out. Go get your tickets for $25 right now.