At one of LA’s hippest venues Zebulon, performance artist/comedian Dynasty Handbag has been curating a hosting one of their, in our opinion, marquee nights with Weirdo Night! for two years (though it has been running a bit longer than that around town). 

This transformative and hilarious evening collects all sorts of performers that are in or adjacent to comedy, bringing in a wonderfully bizarre collection of multi-disciplinary performers, magical musicians, and all other artists that defy categorization in a great way.

For their 2 Yr. Zebulon Anniversary this Sunday, they’ve got a line-up of Kate Berlant, Malik Gaines, Amelia Bande, Charles Galin, and, of course, Dynasty Handbag (Jibz Cameron).

Tickets are $15 and you can go get them right now right here.