Weird Al Yankovic to Release a Whole Album of Rare, Unreleased Tracks, “Medium Rarities” with ‘Complete Works’

For comedy nerds/completists/collectors, a massive new collector’s box set featuring the entire Weird Al Yankovic catalog. This will include a brand new album, exclusive to the set, that has unreleased tracks and rarities from Yankovic’s own vault.

Called Medium Rarities, it includes songs from the beginning of Weird Al’s career to present day. Here’s a great promo complete with a Super Mario Bros. style game with Weird Al in it showing what’s on the album.

The Squeeze Box: The Complete Works of “Weird Al” Yankovic costs $475 and is only available in limited quantities. We’re guessing the limited run has something to do with the box set being in the shape of an accordion. 

Pre-order it here and get it on November 24th this year.