Showtime’s Latest In-Depth Comedy Doc Will Be W. Kamau Bell’s We Need to Talk About Cosby

Perhaps, as a titular nod to 2011’s We Need To Talk About Kevin, W. Kamau Bell has put together an entire docu-series exploring the mythos of Bill Cosby and the tragic reveal of the monster that he really is. Bell looks to explore how we’re supposed to even move forward with the knowledge that he perpetrated his sex crimes for decades and we wouldn’t believe it because he was proverbially “America’s Dad”, especially if you’re a middle aged black comedian right now.

This will be the latest in the line of documentary deep dives into the history of comedy, no matter how dark or real the territory is, by Showtime. Impressively, they’ve recently had docs on Dick Gregory and Charlie Chaplin and The Comedy Store and, from the looks of it, they’re going to keep pushing in that direction, which we’re, of course, on board for.

Get a look at We Need to Talk About Cosby and why the title is still so relevant with the series teaser here. Look for the premiere on Showtime on Jan. 30th.