If You Haven’t Already, Please Enjoy Wanda Sykes’ Latest Special “Not Normal”


This special “Not Normal” is a great reminder that Wanda can still have audience rolling with laughs and applause for a whole damn hour and that she’s, without a doubt, one of the best comics working today.

It has been a few years (2016 to be exact) since Wanda Skyes put out a special. So, in that time between then and now, as the U.S. and the world has gotten a little crazy (if not really crazy), the title for this latest special, Not Normal, seems very apt. It also should clue you in to the political bent of the special. In fact, Wanda, almost seeming to get it out of the way, shares her firebrand feelings on Trump. 

Even though audiences are fatigued with Trump material these days, Sykes’ panache shines through and is instantly charming. Wanda transitions the rest of the hour from politics to less divisive topics with her take on The Bachelor and the inner workings of her family as Wanda is married to a French woman. It’s a great, classic hour of stand-up from the inimitable voice of Wanda Sykes and you should definitely watch Not Normal (or watch it again).