W. Kamau Bell Talks Frankly with Conan O’Brien ‘Showing Your Work’ for Non-Black People

Again, W. Kamau Bell is one of the voices in comedy right now that should be heard. For so many years, Bell has simultaneously spoken so concisely and comedically to so many crucial issues, especially when it comes to race.

You can clearly see in this lengthy conversation that he had with Conan O’Brien last night on Conan where they discuss the murder of George Floyd, the protests, the response to the protests, anti-racism, white supremacy, and, above all, the importance of “showing your work”. Kamau even goes and directly asks Conan about his opinion on the existence of systemic white supremacy in America as well as assigning another white person to be responsible for Conan’s whiteness.

It’s a great conversation and perhaps an illuminating way to think of how to engage with privilege, even with folks that are clearly allies. Watch it here.