Pick of the Day: A Very Funches Christmas Show 12/5

An undeniable source of joy, something that we’re all in dire need for, especially today, is one Ron Funches. An evening of comedy with Funches is something that you can hang some hope on and look forward to and there will be one such night coming up.

A Very Funches Christmas Show will be another exclusive live-streamed show that Funches will be doing from a studio and pretty much feel like a real stand-up show (we saw Funches’ do this earlier this Summer and it was pretty damn great) and streamed on YouTube across the world.

As it’s a holiday show, there will be holiday songs and the sort of mirth and merriment that we could all use not only in December, but at any time in the world we currently live in.

A Very Funches Christmas Show is set to stream on Sun. Dec. 5th at 7PM PT/10PM ET and is only $10 for access to the live-stream (and $50 for a VIP show meet and greet). Please treat yourself and go get your tickets here.