Here’s Our Line-Up for Our 10th & 11th Double Anniversary Show at Union Hall 10/15

Even though we’ve only officially covered NYC comedy for a couple of months, there is so much about comedy in New York that we truly, deeply champion.

So, with that in mind, we wanted to do a portrait of NYC comedy for this very special Double Anniversary Show of The Comedy Bureau, marking both the 10th and 11th years of TCB (since we didn’t do any celebrating in 2020). Note, there will be a LA anniversary show on 10/25 at the shiny and new comedy venue, The Elysian.

With the help of the marvelous Carly Hoogendyk, we have such a colorful, lovely portrait indeed of NYC comedy (that has NYC stalwarts and brand new transplants) including:

Astronomy Club
Josh Gondelman
Dylan Adler
Hannah Pilkes
Ladies Who Ranch
TCB’s very own Jake Kroeger presiding as host

That’s right, we’re not just doing a stand-up show, we’re trying to highlight all of NYC (just like we’ve done in LA for years). We would love if you came just to see your amazing faces (or part of them, anyway) and marvel how long we’ve been keeping the lights on TCB on.

We absolutely can’t wait to bring all these hysterical folks on to the Union Hall stage on Fri. Oct. 15th at 7:30PM ET. Tickets are $10 right now and $15 at the door (proof of vaccination required, of course). Snag ’em here.