Cameron Esposito and AST Records Set to Start Live Show Podcast

The upcoming arrival of Put Your Hands Together at the UCB Theatre in LA, a new weekly live show from the efforts of the wonderful and funny Cameron Esposito, as we’re sure you’ve read in LA Weekly recently, and A Special Thing Records is great news for more than a couple reasons. 

1) If you’ve been missing stand-up at the UCB at 8PM (i.e. Comedy Bang Bang/Comedy Death Ray), then this will fill in that emptiness.

2) Cameron Esposito will be hosting every week and that in of itself will be a highlight/reason you should go.

3) It will be released as a regular podcast, which shouldn’t detract you from going because you could listen to it later, but rather, go because you could be witness to something special like at a live TV taping.

4) We’ve seen the line-ups for the first four weeks and let’s just say they are all very Comedy Bureau approved.