Depending on how you look at things, tomorrow is either Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day (officially recognized by LA in place of Columbus Day). 

In honor of the latter, there will be a Native American comedy showcase jauntily titled The Ghost Of Christopher Columbus Theater Smudging Spectacular and put together by themed show innovator Joey Clift (he pulled off doing a cat themed talk show for quite some time), who is himself Cowlitz. 

The rest of the line-up is as follows:
Stand Up from:
Jim Ruel (Ojibwe)
Darrell Dennis (Secwepemc)
Kaitlyn Jeffers (Sisseton-Wahpeton)
Jana Schmieding (Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux)

Characters From:
Jason Grasl (Blackfeet)
Timmy Mayse (Cherokee)

Storytelling From
Taylor Orci (Sandia Pueblo)
Lorna Silva (Lenca)

Videos From
Joey Clift (Cowlitz)
Kelly Lynne D’Angelo (Tuscarora)

Featuring A Sketch Written By Carolina Hoyos (Quechua Inca)
Starring Carolina Hoyos (Quechua Inca), Jason Grasl (Blackfeet), Rainy Fields (Muscogee Creek), & Jenny Marlowe(Ojibwe)

Featuring A Sketch Written By Vladimir John Perez (Taino) and Carly Garber
Starring Vladimir John Perez (Taino), Myrone Sumner (Tsimshian), Leigh Wulff (Taino), & Shannon Joy Rogers(Cherokee)
Hosted by Jenny Marlowe (Ojibwe), Joey Clift (Cowlitz), Lucas Brown Eyes (Oglala Lakota)

Also, tickets are only $5. So, get in on tickets here.

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