Experimental Variety Show “Cool Shit Weird Shit” Bought a Car For Its Audience

Yes, Drew Spears, Ele Woods, and Matthew Brian Cohen actually bought a used car that needed a smog check for their audience this week.

Thanks to everyone who came out to #coolshitweirdshit! This Instagram is a short photo essay detailing when we gave a car to the audience last night and new friend @ihave2hands got to drive away in it.

A photo posted by Ele Woods (@elewoods55) on Aug 11, 2015 at 11:05am PDT

There’s a great new experimental variety show at UCB called Cool Shit Weird Shit hosted by Spears, Woods, and Cohen where comedians get to perform things that are best presented without precedent and can’t really be tacked on to most shows that are just stand-up, sketch, or improv.

The hosts themselves also do something cool and weird and in the interest of besting, relatively, Oprah’s car giveaway to her audience all those years ago, they actually bought a car to give to the entire audience in attendance at UCB Franklin this past Monday night. 

As they could only afford a single car, the crowd will have to share and there was a calendar that was passed around in order to reserve a day to drive the free car. 

According to them, there will be some sort of log they’ll be keeping as to the progress of the car. We’ll keep you updated as we get more details.

We can only hope that it fares a better fate than Hitchbot.