Twitter Might Have New Feature That Allows 10,000 Character Tweets

(via Variety)

How much more of a joke can fit in 10,000 characters?

For comedians of any ilk, Twitter offers a platform for tweeting joke premises or jokes. Sometimes, they even establish a different off-shoot of their comedy altogether that involve something like RT’ing corporations that offer well wishes on 9/11 like Joe Mande. It has given a whole new generation of comedy a different way to be funny and has helped get people like Megan Amram and Rob Delaney notoriety that circumvented many industry gatekeepers.

With a potential 10,000 feature that might come up for the microblogging giant that simultaneously would allow much longer jokes, entire stories, rants, much longer lists, even more complicated emoji messages, etc. The effect, whether positive or negative, which might take away from the brevity that is at the core of Twitter’s brand, would have to be seen if Twitter opts to go forward with this move. 

Just to give you some perspective, this whole post is 829 characters.