Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion Have Crowdfunded Almost $2 Million For Their Comedy Series “Con Man”

Anyone think that the TV network executives of America would put any money behind a series that follows a former star of a sci-fi show in the great and bizarre world of fan conventions even with actual sci-fi stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk attached?

Well, the people of the Internet certainly is putting money down on that idea for Con Man.

All Tudyk and Fillion were looking for was $425K, which isn’t a modest amount when it comes to crowdfunding, but it’s probably a modest budget for they wanted to do. Little did they know that only a few days into their campaign that they would more than quadruple their goal with the money raised. 

As of this post, their Indiegogo campaign is at $1,827,086 and they have almost entire month to go before the campaign closes on Apr. 10th

Now, we all have to wonder how much more they’ll get to do with the extra dough. 

Also, in case you’re wondering, you should donate to this because this series sounds like it could be pretty great.