Dive Back Into the Fantastical World of Tuca & Bertie with Their Season 2 Trailer

The time for the second season of the wild and phenomenal Tuca & Bertie is nigh. For awhile, we were all left wondering what the fate of the show would be as Netflix had relinquished any chance for a second season on their platform.

Thankfully, Lisa Hanawalt and company along with, of course, Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish, as Bertie and Tuca, all got their shot at a cooler network, Adult Swim. Once more, the wait for brand new Tuca & Bertie isn’t much longer as Jun. 13th has been set as the season 2 premiere date.

After some animatics, sneak peeks, etc. over the last several months, here’s a full gander at what’s in store for Tuca & Bertie or, rather, what they have in store for their lush animated world with the official season 2 trailer.