TruTV Orders Shows with Jamie Lee, April Richardson & Chris Fairbanks, and a Comedy Film Docu-Series and Pilots from Jon Glaser and Naomi Ekperigin

(via Deadline)

We like where TruTV is going with this comedy thing.

Since they rebranded as a comedy network from playing Court TV a lot, TruTV has come a long way in, we think, the right direction. With Those Who Can’t from The Grawlix ready to come out next year, this latest announcement of their new series and pilot orders with people we think are really funny is even more exciting.

First off, Jamie Lee will be hosting 10 Things, a comedic countdown/breakdown of ‘out there’ topics. Then, Almost Genius will look into people that live up to the show’s title and will be hosted by April Richardson and Chris Fairbanks. On top of that, truOriginals: Inside Iconic Comedy will explore the story of the funniest films in the cinematic canon.

For pilots, they have Jon Glaser Loves Gear where the one and only Jon Glaser obsesses over outdoor gear and Naomi Ekperigin hosting Inside Caucasia where she dissects what white people like doing from the perspective of a black woman.

We can’t wait to see all of this soon.