TruTV Rebranding Itself as a Comedy Channel to Have “Way More Fun”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Come Oct. 27th, TruTV will no longer be the land of Court TV as they will have officially rebranded themselves with an entirely new comedy line-up. “Way more fun” is the tagline they’ll have and the tone they’re aiming for and having series like the sketch show Friends of the People is certainly a good start.

In the era where Comedy Central has had a resurgence, IFC has successfully rebranded themselves as a comedy channel, Adult Swim making great live action and animated comedy series, HBO as well as FX earning plenty of accolades with their comedy series, and Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Yahoo all collecting their own noteworthy comedy series line-ups, TruTV definitely has their work cut out for them, but we’re excited to see where they go.