There Will Be a Toy Story TV Special

In both 2013 and 2014, there will be a Toy Story TV special. Might as well as print the ‘13 and ’14 nomination ballots already.

…in other comedy ‘trade’ news:

Televisions Critics Awards nominated Parks and Recreation, Louie, Community, and more. If only we could translate this years nominations into ratings…
Jason Alexander sent out sincere apology for making “cricket is gay sport” joke on Ferguson. Yet, he has not inspired as much rage as Andy Samberg’s cannibalism PSA sketch.
Owner of DC and Tempe Improv found dead
Jon Hamm will be on Bob’s Burgers. Just do comedy full time already, Jon Hamm.
The 8 bit video game on the Community finale becomes a real thing. Maybe this will inspire Dan Harmon to make a video game in which he fights, still 8 bit style, for creative control.
-There are new comedy podcasts at Feral Audio as well a brand new one from the very funny Mike Henry and Wade Randolph