Tony Sam-Tip of the Hat 6/11/11

The Comedy Bureau “Tips Its Hat” this week to TONY SAM.

Any person involved in comedy that has respect for comedy as an art form will tell you, if you so ask, that one of the most important things for a comedian, or any artist really, is a unique “voice”.  There needs to be something distinguishing in the way a person is funny for them to be a truly great comedian.

The Puppy Calendar @ Comedy Carhole from Anthony Sam on Vimeo.

Tony Sam has “voice” in spades. One of the funniest people in the intensively competitive and crowded LA Comedy scene, Tony has managed to become of favorite of both audiences and comics with a brand of comedy that’s quirky, yet captivating. Through his stand-up, plethora of hysterical characters, and his actual physical voice, Sam leaves an indelible impression on anyone who sees and hears him perform.  Tony’s actual voice is so unique, drastically wandering up and down in frequency, that he makes some of the most unique characters such as Electroface and Reverend Boone Turde that are exceptionally hilarious and absolutely unforgettable.

The Reverend Boone Turde from Anthony Sam on Vimeo.

Tony’s most recent character, a Fun Police Officer, has been simply amazing, even though I’ve seen on five separate occasions.  He starts off, dressed as a police officer, walking in from off stage, “Well, well, well…. well, well, well, well, well…. WELL, WELL, well, well… Anybody know why I pulled this show over?  I clocked ya doing boring!”

Truly, Tony Sam is part a new surge in comedy that presents the art form of comedy and where it can possibly can go.  Whether as one of his incredibly original characters (he even has one where he’s a country singer with a shark for an arm), just himself doing stand-up, or in a sketch or improv, Tony is deftly and skillfully pushing the bounds of comedy while managing to have crowds rolling in laughter.

As a result, Tony not only frequently performs around LA at some of the city’s best show, but has his own stellar show, Persona!, a character based comedy show, which has gotten stellar reviews from Punchline Magazine as well as here at the Comedy Bureau.  Taking place every month, Sam has himself and several of LA’s best comedians and they only perform as characters, which has made for quite a hit amongst a sea of fantastic comedy line-ups every night in Los Angeles.  

Sam is also the head editor and writer/contributor at, which, in short, is news the way you would want to hear it.  Daily, Sam posts news stories that are based on real news, but are funny just the way you would really want.

As of this week, Tony will be performing at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Chicago this Tuesday and later this month he’ll be having his fantastic Persona! on June 30th at the Hollywood Improv Lab.  If that’s not enough for Tony for you, you can follow him on Twitter @toekneesam and check his website  Really, any chance you get to catch Tony Sam and his many “voices” on stage should not be missed.