Tomorrow Night’s “THE” Night….

The Comedy Bureau will be out in full force tomorrow evening for to really see what Saturday’s for the casual fan of comedy in LA are really like.  Apologies if the title was misleading in any way.

Oh, you thought we forgot about it when we posted it here?

Well, the Comedy Bureau remembers everything.  Actually, it remembers too much.  Like that time when I was told I should go pick some different jokes if I really wanted to do this one show because all I have according to some people is good stage presence, despite having a killer set the evening previous, but none of that matters anyways because I’ve still spent the last I don’t even know how many days writing ABOUT comedy… OK, I’ll stop.

The Comedy Bureau will be out tomorrow night to looking for to have some laughter just like any unassuming person who probably doesn’t read this website does and then let you know about it.  That is all.