Tom Hanks and Bill Murray Will Be Final Guests on Letterman Before Finale

(via The Hollywood Reporter/Entertainment Weekly)

Of course the final guests are Tom Hanks and Bill Murray.

The finale episode of The Late Show with David Letterman doesn’t have a line-up of guests, which we guess is to keep us all in suspense as to whether Dave will have a big star-studded salutation to late night as is customary or do something else altogether.

Still, the two days leading up to Wed. May 20th are sure to have plenty of moments that will be memorable for years to come with Hanks and Murray, two of the best late night guests that ever were. There will also be musical performances from Eddie Vedder and Bob Dylan.

Hanks and Vedder will be on Monday night’s show and Murray and Dylan on Tuesday.

Any takers on what Murray will be wearing in his final appearance or if he might take a jackhammer to the stage again?