Enjoy Todd Glass’ Life in Quarantine with “Pandemic Tips with Todd Glass”

Seeing people’s lives in quarantine through Zoom or Instagram Live has been the new normal for almost months now. That amount of time has also been enough to figure out how to safely distance and document someone, perhaps a hysterical comedian, in their life while being “safer at home”.

Director Scott Moran (Robbie, Modern Comedian) got to capture, while maintaining extra safe social distancing and document the life of the one and only Todd Glass in this documentary short film “Pandemic Tips with Todd Glass”. Even while hunkered down, Glass is still clearly himself and can make bits, bits within bits, commentary in between all of that from thin air (or whatever just happens to be around him like donuts or a bull horn). This docu-short is equal parts a delightful-day-in-the-pandemic-life of Todd Glass as well as a great preview of what you can pull off in filming while maintaining proper health and safety measures.

So, enjoy Pandemic Tips with Todd Glass right now right here.