Pick of the Day: Todd Glass 4/18

We’ve seen a lot of comedians try a lot of different things over the last month of lockdown/quarantine/”quar” (if you’re needing to make it sound cuter to cope). For the most part, it has been short sets, extended stories, and sight gags. Still, it’s a great time for experimentation as so many of comedy’s already very loose rules for how it used to be done live, for the time being, have been frustratingly thrown out the window.

If there was someone who was up for trying a bit, a bit within in a bit, an explanation of both the bit and notes on how it’s going to be mindful of when we take the bit from the top, and perhaps try something to really take advantages of the limitations provided by live-streamed comedy done in lockdown because of a global pandemic, it might be the one and only Todd Glass.

Luckily, he’s legitimately headlining and you can see Glass put all of that on display this very weekend, Sat. Apr. 18th thanks to Helium Presents. It’ll be a live to tape show that broadcasts 5:30PM PT/8:30PM ET and tickets are $10. Go get them here and look forward to Saturday for another reason besides being one week closer to being “safer-at-home” ending (hopefully).