Tip of the Hat 1/28: Greg Proops

Greg Proops by Seth Olenick

The Comedy Bureau “Tips Its Hat” this week to GREG PROOPS.

“@GregProops About this State of the Union.  I’m taking the under.”

The extreme silhouette style picture above can only be pulled off, in my opinion, by a select group of people without coming off as narcissistic.  Such an image suggests that the simple idea of the outline of this individual is enough to hint at their particular distinction.

With his exploits throughout the world of comedy in “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” to being a stand up comedian touring throughout the world and numerous festivals of the highest caliber, Greg Proops certainly can “pull off” such a picture. 

In all aspects of his comedy, Proops is so quick on his feet (or sitting down off of them as he frequently does on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) whether commenting on his “Dr. Seuss sock collection” or an election that audiences gladly stay riveted to the casual gait of Proops and his absolutely on-point assertions on society, politics, or Thanksgiving in England and laugh often and heartily.  Though his unwavering dapper appearance in a perfectly cut suit and orange tinted glasses might, at first, seem “gimmicky”, Proops does away with any such notion as he drifts cooly through his very cerebral, yet accessible jokes/riffs/etc.

Currently, Greg Proops lives in Hollywood and performs stand up and also improvises w/Drew Carey’s Improv All Stars.  His podcast, aptly titled, “The Smartest Man in the World” often goes live at Bar Lubitsch for free on Wednesdays at 8PM.  Or you can follow him on Twitter @GregProops or check his website out or buy his album “Proops Digs In” on AST Records or just come back to the Comedy Bureau frequently to hear about his comedic outings in LA (and there are plenty).