Tig Notaro’s “Happy To Be Happy Here” Has One of the Best Closers in Recent Memory


When Tig Notaro does stand-up, you can always count on Tig to playfully deconstruct various stories of her life at the moment in a low key, but thoroughly enjoyable fashion. In fact, she might be the best at doing so as exhibited in her latest hour that just dropped on Netflix, Happy To Be Here.

Tig is also pretty great at pranking the audience/crowd/viewer and keeping a prank going and going and going. From dragging a stool across the stage for a bit to falsely dismounting, she has a knack for innocently hooking the audience into a sense of “is-she-or-isn’t-kidding” and playing it out to maximum effect.

In closing this special, Tig does what will undoubtedly become one of her signature bits in this regard. In fact, as stated in the headline, it’s a legitimate closer in a stand-up special (unlike we’ve seen in quite some time) that might be the best in recent memory.

Go watch Tig Notaro: Happy To Be Here now on Netflix and see what we’re talking about.