The second episode of This Better Be Funny takes place right after at stand-up show at an AA recovery hall with three fantastic and hilarious guests: Lauri Roggenkamp, Jesse Case, and Brett Hamil. Hosts Jake Kroeger and Jeremy Paul ask themselves and their guests, “What is the shittiest joke you’re currently working on?”

Also, we’ve concluded from this episode that people, for their own sake, need to watch more movies and catch the hell up on joke references.

We know that there is a growing sentiment of “geez… another comedy podcast?” but please give This Better Be Funny a listen. Sure, we created it, so it’s a completely biased request, but hearing comedians explicitly trying to figure out how something is funny by doing exactly that in pitching jokes, bits, etc. is something that’s fascinating. 

Also, chatting outside of an AA hall at midnight makes for pretty great conversation.