In the inaugural episode of the “This Better Be Funny” Podcast, host, creator, writer/comedian Jake Kroeger, co-host, writer/comedian Jeremy Paul, comedienne and Cristiana delve into deep conversation involving the pitching of jokes/sketches/bits to each other and the subsequent approval or rejection of them. Taking place at some cafe in Hollywood, the three go down the comedy rabbit hole and wonder if they just walked one of the coffee shop’s patrons.

Many folks wanted us to start a podcast talking comedy. In our opinion, there are way too many of those and, honestly, we can’t do better than Marc Maron and WTF. Instead, we’re doing what hasn’t been done by any other comedy podcast (if it has, then please let us know as we’d love to hear it), which is get to the crux of the comedic creative process. It’s the process that Jerry Seinfeld’s documentary Comedian gave a brief glimpse of, but never fully explored.

Specifically, the This Better Be Funny Podcast will have comedians pitching what they think is funny to each and going down the comedy “rabbit hole” in search for the truly funny. In the spirit of the podcast, it’s not recorded at someone’s efficiency apartment in Echo Park where someone has to apologize for the mess and offer milk. This is recorded wherever comedians actually huddle together like dive bars, coffee shops, taco stands, and more and ask each other “Is this funny?”

Hosted by Jake Kroeger, the Director of the Comedy Bureau along with comedian Jeremy Paul who claims the only credit he needs is that he’s from Peoria, Il every week and a myriad of guests that range from “big time” to “about to break” to “funniest person that no one knows”, but ones that will always be funny.

Listen, laugh, be enlightened at horrible comedians can be to each other.