Please Enjoy the Absurdist, Silent-ish Short Film “The Passage” from Phil Burgers (AKA Dr. Brown)

Phil Burgers never ceases to surprise, even if you think you know what his game is. A perennial favorite at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a star in clowning/idiot, the owner and AD at beloved LA venue Lyric Hyperion, and one of those sorts talents that can and very often take moments from 0-60 comedically in an instant. 

Thus is the case with this short film The Passage, created by Burgers and directed by Kitao Sakurai. It could be thought of a postmodern execution of the silent comedy very much keeps the silly, absurd spirit of the classical silent, physical comedy from almost a century ago.

Also, this is one of the last things produced by the revived Super Deluxe and thankfully lives on courtesy of TBS.

Oh, if you don’t know about Jetzo, we think this might be a nice little intro to one of our current favorite comedy duos working today.

So, without further adieu, please enjoy The Passage here.


If you’re in LA, you can come to a special release party/Q&A at the Lyric Hyperion at 10PM. Admission is free!