The Onion Expands Its Satirical Universe with TMZ Parody “Starwipe”

“The website’s name is StarWipe. And no matter how fervently celebrities may pretend otherwise, it exists. It exists, and it will write articles making fun of the beautiful, idolized rich for an audience of readers who should probably be working right now, in a way that will make that audience maybe smirk and feel slightly superior for a few, fleeting seconds. And those celebrities can’t really do anything about it, besides not saying or doing dumb things.”

The Onion has already solidified its expansion of the large scale institutions that they parody. The Onion itself parodies newspapers, Clickhole takes on content aggregators, and their latest endeavor, Starwipe takes on entertainment obsessed journalism like TMZ

While the satire of The Onion still goes over the heads of some folks and Clickhole gets so close to the real thing that one of their writers got brought over to Buzzfeed, it seems Starwipe is making no cover up of their contempt of how entertainment journalism is carried out these days. 

A quick perusal of their site will show headlines like “Kate Upton Nearly Avoids Wardrobe Malfunction, Saves Herself Humilation and Us From Lack of Free Will” and “Baby Bump Watch: George Clooney” are good examples of this.

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