Chris Miller and Phil Lord Reveal Some Details on “The LEGO Movie 2”

(via Collider/Empire)

Chris Miller and Phil Lord pulled off the amazing feat of making a wonderful movie based on a toy franchise last year. What they did with The LEGO Movie was inventive, clever, and so very funny and the two are taking great care to make sure that The LEGO Movie 2 won’t disappoint. 

So far, they say that it will set 4 years from the end of the events of the last movie and Emmet will be trying to process seeing another dimension. With this in mind and the reveal of the real life kid playing with the LEGOs, perhaps there will be echoes of Toy Story in this sequel?

Either way, we want to know if there will be a follow up to the hit song “Everything Is Awesome” and what the story behind these beached LEGO men is.