Balloon Dropped Version of “The Interview” Intended for North Korea Runs 17 Mins and Starts Off With North Korea Propaganda

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

So, North Korean forces have a total response time of 20 minutes plus?

Apparently, almost half the North Korean population has access to a DVD player, which is part of the reason why balloons full of DVDs of The Interview and pamphlets are being sent to North Korea.

However, extra measures are being taken to fool authorities. North Korean propaganda plays at the front of the film for five minutes, then 12 minutes of a very condensed version of The Interview follows. This makes us think that to get away with watching The Interview in North Korea, which is a heavy crime, you have to be able to watch it in less than 20 minutes and/or make sure the first five minutes of any DVD isn’t anti-North Korea.  

We wonder if North Korea reads The Hollywood Reporter as they have footage of said DVD.

Either way, The Interview is proving to still be more historic than it ever intended to be.