Hulu’s The Great, Another Period Piece Comedy from Co-Writer of The Favourite Tommy McNamara, Gets a Teaser

The Favourite really blew up the notion of what a period piece could be and how subversively comedic and raunchy you could be within what had previously be a very rigid sub genre of film and TV.

Tommy McNamara co-wrote The Favourite with Deborah Davis and is now at the helm of another satirical reimagining of a power female historical figure, Catherine the Great. The series is being called The Great and will definitely take liberties to twist the knife for comedy’s sake from moment to moment. 

McNamara was careful to point out that The Great does play with facts, saying the show is accurate in various spots but, “we’re not trying to make a historically accurate document.” (via Deadline)

For now, there is only this announcement teaser, but you can get a sense of what McNamara has up his sleeve with Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great. 

On a separate note, is this the start of McNamara creating various works that are titled only by superlatives and are dark comedies of historical figures, particularly of women?

Look for The Great to premiere on Hulu come Fri., May 15th.