Netflix’s Latest Series Worth Diving Into Might Be “The Chair”

With going back indoors seeming more and more to be the operative move as the pandemic continues, you might be wondering, “What else is there to watch?” Even if you thought you reached the end of Netflix or whatever your streaming service of choice is, we’re betting that you didn’t even get close.

That said, we’re sure it’ll take something of real quality or, at the very least, looks damn promising to invest yourself in another round of binge watching. One of Netflix’s latest series, The Chair from Amanda Peet & Annie Wyman, might be just the thing you’re looking for as a dissection of the non-sense and oft-unchecked privilege of higher education faculty. Sandra Oh leads what is a very impressive ensemble cast and also has to tangle with, from the looks of the trailer, a pretty perfectly cast problematic professor in Jay Duplass.

Just from our first impression, The Chair seems to be a little on the same wavelength as the classic 90s sharp satire Election, but just a bit more grown-up, perhaps for university. We certainly hope it’s up to that level.

We shall see if it makes that grade when it drops on Netflix on Fri. Aug. 20th.