Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster Are Making a “Best of The Best Show” Boxed Set

While you’re waiting for The Best Show to return, there’s something to make that wait even more enticing than it already is.

The Best Show’s Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster are coming out with a 16 CD boxed set “culled from the vaults of WFMU—the world’s most acclaimed free-form radio station—comes over 20 hours of mind-bending, hilarious phone calls between the renowned comedy duo of Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster”.

There’s also “a 108-page hardcover book with cover art by Joe Matt that features essays by Patton Oswalt, Julie Klausner, Damian Abraham (lead singer of F*cked Up) and Best Show associate producer Michael Lisk (aka A.P. Mike), a definitive interview with Scharpling & Wurster by Jake Fogelnest, notes on the evolution and inspiration behind each bit written by Scharpling & Wurster, a USB drive with all of the calls plus 4 hours of bonus material, a fold-out map of Newbridge, Philly Boy Roy & Timmy von Trimble Paper Dolls, postcards, and temporary tattoos with The Best Show catch-phrases.”

If you pre-order from Numero Group, you’ll get a piece of a smashed phone that Wurster used to make the first Rock, Rot & Rule call along with a certificate of authenticity.

Don’t think this is all real? See Scharpling and Wurster all explain it themselves and smash the phone.

Then, put your pre-order in at Numero Group that ships out March of 2015 because you know you want this and that piece of the phone.