Pick of the Day: 15th Annual Thanksgiving Feast (in LA) 11/23

Even at this stage of the pandemic, the presence of top flight improv still isn’t what it once was, no matter where you go. The fate of UCB is still TBD at this point in time and the other smaller improv schools/theaters are only starting to have their house teams to get back in the swing of things.

That’s all to say that a chance to catch tip top level improv shouldn’t be missed and such a chance is coming up at The Elysian with The 15th Annual Thanksgiving Feast (that probably would have happened at UCB Franklin if circumstances were different). It’s an improvised Thanksgiving Dinner with a more than plentiful handful of LA’s best improvisers including:

Suzi Barrett
Alex Fernie
Alex Berg
Deborah Tarica
Julie Brister
Todd Fasen
Laci Mosley
Zeke Nicholson

If you could remember who was going up on several different teams every week pre-lockdown, it was all of these folks. So, once again, don’t miss out on your chance to see them live and in person (with proof of vaccination of course) and get a bit of levity before heading into the fray of a family Thanksgiving.

The 15th Annual Thanksgiving Feast is set for Tues. Nov. 23rd at 8PM PT at The Elysian. Tickets are $15 and you really ought to go get them here.