Ted Alexandro’s New Hour “Senior Class of Earth” Is a Finely Crafted Hour of Comedy in 2018

Due to the nature of showbiz and the instantaneous demand of something new, crafting an hour of comedy often is rushed and, consequently, ends up looking rushed. You’ll find that there’s no connective tissue between the material and the arc of tone and energy seem random at best.

Ted Alexandro’s Senior Class of Earth is a welcome break from all of that.

Ted Alexandro is a great comedian and an exemplary artisan of the form. He has done it before, but Ted shows again what a well crafted hour of stand-up can be (and can be for the world weary audiences of 2018) with Senior Class of Earth. As always, Ted is so perfectly laid back in this special/album with his performance that he can sail through choppy waters and keep the audience on board the whole time. That’s not so easy these days with the mere mention of a certain political figure or divisive topic freezing up comedy audiences immediately.

Here’s a trailer to get a taste of what we’re talking about.

So, we urge you to get and enjoy Senior Class of Earth, available now as a special from All Things Comedy and as an album from 800 Pound Gorilla.

It’s not part of the special, but Ted showed how very good he is at making the medicine go down with a spoonful of sugar in this recent set about Louis CK and Cosby.