TCB Debriefing 9/7/23: Quiz Lady, Atsuko Okatsuka, Sam Jay, Dreaming Whilst Black, Fallon

1. Awkwafina and Sandra Oh join forces for what could be a very, very fun buddy road comedy that vaguely echoes Little Miss Sunshine in Quiz Lady. Take a gander with the trailer here, then look out for it on Hulu starting Nov. 3rd.

2. The marvelous Atsuko Okatsuka is about to go back out on the road for her Full Grown Tour. So, you better go get your tickets ASAP before they sell out.

3. If you’ve been wondering what Sam Jay has been up to since it has been a minute since Pause with Sam Jay, you have your answer in the trailer for her brand new hour special, Salute Me or Shoot Me, the long awaited follow-up to 3 in the Morning. Look for it on Max starting Sept. 23rd.

4. Your favorite new British dramedy might be right around the corner with Dreaming Whilst Black from Adjani Salmon. Take a full look with its first full length trailer here, then look for it on Paramount+ (yes, this is where Showtime Anytime was headed) starting tomorrow.

5. Several of the rumblings and rumors you’ve heard from former Tonight Show staff over the last several years were effectively confirmed following a personal apology from Jimmy Fallon himself in response to a damning article published in Rolling Stone. We’re guessing that there’s more to the story of the “freak accident” of how he broke his finger and had to have a huge cast on his hand while hosting for several weeks. If you’re not already listening to Strike Force Five, now is probably a good time to get into it.

6. Apologies for missing out on a debriefing yesterday. We’re putting on two shows this month, one of which is our 13th anniversary (it’s invite only, but let us know if you want to come!).