TCB Debriefing 9/21/23: Ralph Barbosa, Hari Kondabolu, Matt Walsh/DTWS, Seth MacFarlane, Colin From Accounts

1. Seems like Netflix is picking their old pace of stand-up specials. Earlier this week, it was Luenell and now they’re set to release rising star Ralph Barbosa and his debut hour special on the streaming giant. Called Cowabunga, Ralph’s hour is set to premiere on Halloween, which should provide a nice non-scary alternative to those who are mostly looking to ignore trick-or-treaters or getting dressed up that Tuesday night. Here’s Ralph’s very chill announcement to prove that sentiment.

2. The absolutely brilliant Hari Kondabolu has just his touring dates for this Fall. Do not miss out on some of the smartest and most clever stand-up in any of these cities (even if you’re only kind of close to it). Tickets available at

3. Matt Walsh holds up from taking the floor on Dancing With the Stars until the WGA Strike is resolved (Deadline). So, this means more live improv from Matt Walsh until then?

4. Seth MacFarlane has now upped his total contribution to the Entertainment Community Fund, a general fund for those affected by double strike, to $6 million in total (Deadline). Hope that the strike is referenced in plenty of episodes of the multitude of shows that MacFarlane has a hand in (especially The Orville).

5. The latest comedy export from Australia will come in the form of Aussie hit TV series Colin From Accounts on Paramount+ on Nov. 9th. Take a gander at how charming their accents are amidst an absurd meet cute.

6. We’ll leave you with this: Was anyone thinking that comedians were telling the 100% unembellished truth, ever? How is that even news?