TCB Debriefing 9/14/23: Henry Sugar, Adam Sandler Tour, Diffidate delle Imitazioni, Murray Hill, Big Mouth, Mr & Mrs Smith, Our Flag Means Death

1. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that a Wes Anderson film adapted from a Roald Dahl book would seem to be an utter delight and yet another colorful addition to Anderson’s storied filmography. We’re thrilled that it was only a few short months ago that Asteroid City came out and we’re now treated to another helping of Wes Anderson so soon. So, without further adieu, take your first gander at The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar starring Benedict Cumberbatch, due out on Netflix on Sept. 27th.

2. Adam Sandler is going back on tour from Oct. 12th-Dec. 12th (Billboard). His last tour and special were some of Sandler’s most cherished work to date, especially outside of things like Uncut Gems.

3. Diffidate delle Imitazioni (literally translated as Beware of Imitations, but will be called Fake Show in English) is a brand new Italian comedy game show, ordered by Rai, where Italian celebrities will improvise based off of suggestions and prompts generated by AI (Deadline). Though it might try, AI will not best Clive Anderson as an improv show host.

4. Frequent scene stealer Murray Hill (Live & Beth and Somebody Somewhere) is coming out with his very first memoir, Showbiz! My Unexpected Life as a Middle-Aged Man, which appears to have more than just a story of making it in the Big Apple. It’s set for 2025 release, but we’re sure we’ll get tid bits and morsels leading up to that day.

5. Just a little more than a month of waiting before you get Big Mouth season 7 (specifically, Oct. 20th on Netflix).

6. The premiere of Donald Glover and Maya Erskine‘s Mr. and Mrs. Smith is delayed due to the ongoing strike and its prohibition of promoting certain big time movies and TV series (THR). If the studios do end up going rogue from the streamers and tech giants, we might have to wait even longer to see this.

7. This full length trailer for season 2 of Our Flag Means Death almost makes you want to go back in time to make piracy more like it is between Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby. Season 2 sets sail on Thurs. Oct. 5th.

8. Nothing Bill Maher does on this writer-less return of Real Time will top Conan O’Brien spinning his wedding ring.