TCB Debriefing 8/14/23: Andy Kaufman, Jodie Sweetin, Landscape with Invisible Hand, Solar Opposites

1. Legendary boundary pushing and, subsequently, groundbreaking comedian, Andy Kaufman, is going to posthumously receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Announced as guest speakers for the occasion are Kristen Schaal, Kevin Nealon, and Michael Kaufman, but we’d honestly be surprised if someone didn’t show up as Tony Clifton.

2. Jodie Sweetin is making absolutely clear that she did not want her latest movie, a rom com called Craft Me a Romance, to air on Great American Family, a more conservative, family focused network that loves rebranding homophobia as “preserving traditional marriage” (Yahoo). She promises to donate money made from the movie towards LGBTQ+ orgs. So, does that mean Sweetin is aiming to do an A24 movie soon?

3. Super high concept, sci-fi dramedy from Cory Finley, Landscape with Invisible Hand, just dropped its final trailer before its theatrical release this Fri. Aug. 18th. It gives a more than pleasant surprise of how Tiffany Haddish continues to dazzle with her acting range if you weren’t already sold on a satire about co-existence.

4. The brand new seasons of Solar Opposites, complete with the voice of Dan Stevens in place of Justin Roiland, has just gone up at Hulu. Yes, that includes all episodes so you can binge Stevens’ gorgeous British accent all in one go.

5. Uh, Burbank and North Hollywood are having comedy festivals at the same time?