TCB Debriefing 7/28/23: Emmys Postponed, Donald Glover/Lando, Curious Creators Grant, This Fool, How To With John Wilson

1. Though the 75th Primetime Emmys were slated for Sept. 18th, they have been postponed due to the double WGA/SAG-AFTRA Strike (BBC News). Whenever the next Emmys happens, we would bet people are going to go far over their time for speeches. Get ready for the most grandstanding over music that the Emmys has probably ever seen.

2. Donald and Stephen Glover are writing a Lando Calrissian series for Disney+ (Variety). We’re not sure what the Glover brothers have up their sleeve or what Kathleen Kennedy will let them get away with, but we hope that the Glovers will end up making something that’s the Legion of Star Wars.

3. If you happen to be looking for some grant money for doing comedy, why not try applying to Curious ElixirsCurious Creators Grant that will award $1,500 cash to 8 artists in support of their work. Deadline is midnight ET on Sept. 8th. Get details/submit here.

4. The return of both critically acclaimed and fan favorite comedy series This Fool and How To With John Wilson are happening tonight on Hulu and HBO, respectively. This Fool premieres its second season John Wilson is bowing out with his third and final season of one of the most unique and entrancing shows in TV history.

5. Any takers on which network/studio/streaming service will do a limited series about the double strike and how long after the strike they’ll wait to do it?