TCB Debriefing 4/4-4/7/24: Kyle Kinane, Jackie Kashian, Murray Hill, Legally Blonde, Babes

1. Oh, thank goodness there’s a new hour of Kyle Kinane to offer the pitch perfect solace to the high octane insanity that has been 2024. His latest hour special, Dirt Nap, is Kyle doing what Kyle does best with lengthy punchline filled stories and intricately colored observations all in service of a big comedic payoff (that, in a way, feels like a bonus since the journey in of itself is so goddamn fun). Kyle does over 8 minutes on describing Fast X here and, for our money, is more fun than the movie itself. That’s just one fraction of how much of a joy Dirt Nap is, even with being perfectly aware uncertain times we live in. Please watch and enjoy Dirt Nap on repeat here.

2. It’s kind of absurd that Jackie Kashian doesn’t have a sitcom focused around her and her dyed-in-the-woo-salesman of a dad. Kashian is and has been one of the funniest comedians working today and her bits about her dad are pretty much priceless. See for yourself here in Jackie’s Don’t Tell set.

3. Mindy Kaling’s next sitcom, Murray Hill, seems like Kaling is aiming to make her version of Friends with a logline of “…five work-obsessed twenty-somethings who strive for professional success and, if they have time, personal happiness in Manhattan’s most glamorous neighborhood, Murray Hill” (Deadline).

4. Amazon Prime has a Legally Blonde spin-off in the works (Deadline). The legacy of Elle Woods endures, but we hope that there isn’t any Kim Kardashian lawyer storyline in this project.

5. Though it would seem that Michelle Buteau/Ilana Glazer vehicle helmed by Pamela Adlon Babes isn’t about abortion, it feels like the same sort of buzz that Obvious Child got is coming up for the buddy/birth comedy. See for yourself with the first official trailer here, then look for it in theaters right after Mother’s Day on May 17th.


6. We’ll leave you with this: Please help out wonderful person/hilarious comedian Jen Saunderson with her mom’s battle against stage IV cancer at the GoFundMe here.