TCB Debriefing 2/8/24 & 2/9/24: I Think You Should Leave, Andrew Orolfo, Rory Scovel, Regime, Colin Jost/WHCD

1. I think you be required to go to the I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson tour, starting this April, whether it’s coming to a city near you or not (Variety).

2. Andrew Orolfo might have the best joke about A.I. we’ve heard yet. Also, this whole Don’t Tell set is peak Andrew, in all his facets of being chill and yet subversive at so many turns. Please enjoy it here.

3. Rory Scovel elevates the art of the comedy special trailer with being meta for his upcoming Max special Rory Scovel: Religion, Sex, and a Few Things In Between. Give it a watch here, then set a reminder for Feb. 22nd for the premiere exclusively on Max.

4. Kate Winslet might have her next career defining role (one of so damn many) with a rich political satire (that is somehow NOT written by Armando Iannucci) with The Regime. Get your first full look here, then check for the series premiere on Mar. 3rd on Max.

5. Colin Jost will be the latest host of The White House Correspondents Dinner set, for this year, on Apr. 27th (Politico). If Jost has any sense, he will let Sarah Squirm interrupt him during his monologue.

6. We’ll leave you with this: What makes a comedy special “special” these days?