TCB Debriefing 12/1/23: Blair Socci, Jamie Lee/Nikki Glaser, JFL Vancouver, Chelsea Handler, Arclight/Cinerama Dome?

1. We’ve seen Blair Socci be a comedic force to be reckoned with (especially if you’re a fan of Triscuits) ever since we first saw her years and years ago. She just came out with her first hour special Live from the Big Dog and, we have to say, Blair is worth trying to figure out another streaming service (Veeps)

3. Jamie Lee and Nikki Glaser co-starring in a sitcom, Unsettling, where they go in on co-parenting a kid since they reached their 30s childless? Even though we’d never ever have children (don’t @ us, please), we’re on totally on board for anything Lee and Glaser do, both together or separately. (Deadline)

3. JFL is really back in full force, huh? Both Moontower JFL Austin and JFL Vancouver line-ups just had their first announcement and both are jam packed. Get tickets for the Mid-Feb festival if you’re in and around Vancouver at

4. Chelsea Handler will return to host The Critics Choice Awards (Variety). If she gets a third go around hosting this, will that be enough holes on her awards show punch card to get another late night show?

5. We’ll leave you with this: You can uncross your fingers if you were hoping the ArcLight/Cinerama Dome in LA was going to reopen next year. Try 2025. (Deadline). It’s pretty much the last movie theater to reopen if it was indeed going to reopen.