TCB Debriefing 11/4/23: Jessica Sele, Atsuko Okatsuka, James Austin Johnson, Curb Your Enthusiasm, F Marry Kill

1. Nailing a comedy album title is often a quietly difficult challenge. Many a comedian try sidestepping it by just going the “Live at…” route while others fall short of the mark with a goofy name coupled with a corny pose for the album cover. For our money, the deeply funny Jessica Sele not only comedically lives up to the pitch perfect album title of Weird Vibes, her brand new record from venerable comedy record label Blonde Medicine, but she embodies it. Sele never ceases to surprise and has us snickering throughout the whole hour in fully embracing her own strangeness in every aspect of her life and presenting so frankly, but doing so with a gleeful awkwardness. All told, Weird Vibes radiates pretty sweet vibes. Weird Vibes is now streaming and available now wherever you get your comedy albums.

2. Not only is Atsuko Okatsuka full grown, but she is a bonafide comedy star. Just look at this tour schedule and sold out dates (and those added dates that you should get tix for if you’re anywhere around those cities).

2. James Austin Johnson, yet again, proves that he’s the perfect weapon at SNL on his Late Night with Seth Meyers appearance this week.

3. Season 12 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is set for Feb. 2024. Perhaps, it’ll be an early Valentine’s gift on 2/12?

4. Turns out F*ck Marry Kill will be the latest game to be adapted into feature film (THR). This adaptation will, of course, not shy away from the nature of the game and, instead, lean into it with star Lucy Hale trying to figure out which of the three guys she’s dating is a local serial killer and which are F or marriage material. With all of that in mind, we are curious as to who owns the trademark to F Marry Kill if anyone.

5. We’ll leave you with this: Yes, this TCB Debriefing is a day late because we run this site all on our own and book a theater, so apologies for this and any future delays (and thank you kindly for reading).