TCB Debriefing 11/20/23: Rachel Kaly, Tina Friml, Abso/UCB, Harley Quinn, Blair Socci

1. Forget the lauded documentary Comedian, Rachel Kaly’s ATTN: CONAN O’BRIEN, a short film following her attempting to get on Conan via doing her jokes she did as a child in this NYC pay-to-play scheme (but doing so as an adult), is the thing to watch to capture “the journey” to “making it”.

2. Let the world know the true delight that is Tina Friml has arrived (via the Tonight Show).

3. Abso (otherwise known as Abso Lutely Productions, the birthplace of Tim & Eric Awesome Show) will now be under the same umbrella, often collaborating in their efforts of fostering and developing the “most adventurous” comedy, especially when it comes to UCB’s live stages in LA and the-soon-to-open NYC location. Hopefully, this means, they’ll have an updated Abso x UCB hoodie that every comedy nerd will own.

4. Harley Quinn, a heralded animated series that somehow still seems unheralded, is renewed for its fifth season. Guess some good stuff can get past David Zaslav? (via Variety)

5. TCB favorite Blair Socci is going to release her very first special, Live from the Big Dogs, on Dec. 1st via a brand new streaming platform, Veeps. You can buy a digital ticket to the premiere for $14.99 here.

6. We’ll leave you with this: may we all have as much honesty in our lives as the track titles from André 3000’s instrumental record that just came out.