TCB Debriefing 11/16 & 11/17/23: Maria Bamford, SF Sketchfest, Nathan Fielder/Kimmel, Verified Stand Up, Eric Andre, Taika Waititi, David Letterman, Dex Carvey

1. A slight break from the horrors of the world is coming because Maria Bamford is coming out with a new special, Local Act, next month, taped lovingly at one of LA comedy’s most intimate venues, Public Displays of Altadena.

2. SF Sketchfest, one of the world’s biggest comedy festivals, just made its first (of many) line-up announcements, and it’s already more than stuffed than any stocking will be this holiday season. Take a peep at (many of) your favorites coming to SF from Jan. 18th-Feb. 4th. Tickets go on sale this Sun. at 10AM at

3. Nathan Fielder calls out NY Times for correction for calling his acting “stale” on Kimmel alongside Emma Stone. Please enjoy Fielder looking like Leon the Professional and forcing Jimmy to call the NY Times after hours here.

4. Take a gander at the trailer for Netflix’s latest stand-up series that, per usual, has the most bland sounding, uninspiring name, Verified Stand-Up, but pretty great comics in Asif Ali, Dulcé Sloan, Gianmarco Soresi, Isiah Kelly, Leslie Liao, Nimesh Patel, Robby Hoffman, Rosebud Baker, Sabrina Wu, and Vanessa Gonzalez. Look for it on Netflix on Nov. 28th. *Please never forget that Netflix could come up with something slicker and catchier that could be translated into however many dozen languages they stream in.

5. Eric Andre is headed out on the road once again with The Eric Andre Show Live next month, which means America better get ready for a bunch of desks getting annihilated. Get tickets at


6. Taika Waititi won’t be doing a Thor 5 even if the MCU wants to do one (THR). Given the reception of Love and Thunder and the MCU’s lukewarm 2024, it’s best that they go back to the drawing board for their next phase (or reimagine the idea of doing 10 years of movies that coalesce into one 20 minute battle scene).

7. David Letterman will be the guest on a post-Thanksgiving ep. of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert after nearly 9 years after signing off from the Ed Sullivan Theater. Any takers on if he’s going beard or no beard for his big reunion?

9. We’ll leave you with this: R.I.P. Dex Carvey, who made his way with a full heart through the LA comedy scene over the last several years.