TCB Debriefing 10/30/23: Matthew Perry, Natasha Vaynblat, Nate Bargatze, Ralph Barbosa, Plan B

1. You probably already know, but R.I.P. Matthew Perry. May you revel in the moment in time that Chandler and Monica revealing their relationship sent reverberations across pop culture and delve into the wide swath of Perry’s filmography in the coming days and weeks.

2. Though the year 2023 is coming to a close, the procession of marvelous debut albums isn’t over quite yet. In fact, both AST Records and Good Delivery, a stalwart NYC stand-up show, aren’t done yet either since they just released Good Delivery co-host’s James Hamilton’s fantastic debut album I Don’t Deserve These Deals and then, came out with We’re All Dads Here, the debut album of Natasha Vaynblat, yet another Good Delivery co-host just a few days ago. Vaynblat makes good on the Good Delivery name is there is the rhythm and cadence are smoothly poised. Yet, she beautifully contrasts that with letting her whimsy and imagination run amok (i.e. espousing the virtues of everyone wanting to be dads, butts being mouths, etc.). The cheeky absurdity that Vaynblat wheels and deals in is only heightened by her never breaking for even a second (being kinda Russian helps, we bet). Kinda Russian or not, Vaynblat’s debut album signals many more great bits and misdirects (and album covers) to come from Natasha in the not so distant future. Please enjoy We’re All Dads Here wherever you get your comedy albums.

3. Nate Bargatze is the master of being a man constantly in the comedically wrong part of spacetime. Bargatze continues with this theme in a water tight, but, per Nate’s signature low key style, set for his SNL opening monologue this past Saturday.

4. Dallas’s very own Ralph Barbosa is about to debut in 100 and however many territories Netflix covers these days as his very first special Cowabunga is releasing at midnight PST tonight.

5. After years behind the camera that led to winning an Emmy via Ted Lasso, Jamie Lee thankfully returns to a starring role alongside Jon Heder in Plan B, a rom com that mixes and matches baby daddys and one-night stands (Deadline).

6. We’ll leave you with this: What about an alternative history dramedy where Lorne Michaels retired from SNL 15 years ago and the show got to be reborn in a blaze of glory?