Watch TBS’ Sizzle for Their New Series Including Cops, Close Enough, Tarantula, Final Space, The Guest Book, Miracle Workers, and the Last O.G.

With a slate that has been so well-received that you probably have a bit of a hard time remembering what TBS used to be like a few years ago. 

Now, with plenty of accolades collected for their shows, they’re pushing boldly forward with a plethora of new series including animated series such as Cops from Louis C.K. and Albert Brooks, Close Enough, Tarantula from Danny McBride and Carson Mell, and Final Space from Conan O’Brien and Olan Rogers as well as live action shows The Last O.G. from Jordan Peele with Tracy Morgan starring, The Guest Book and Miracle Workers, which comes from Simon Rich (Man Seeking Woman creator) with Daniel Radcliffe and Owen Wilson starring.

Here’s a small sampling of all of that coming soon to TBS.